Photo by Brenda Kühn


GET was established in 2010 by an interested group of people who recognized the need to form a trust to promote and influence the wise use of the natural environment to ensure that biodiversity is maintained. This involves challenging and containing human activities that degrade, debase and/or harm conservation areas and sensitive and/or significant ecosystems, and that contribute to the impoverishment of affected communities rather than to their upliftment.

Vision of the Trust:
  Earth is the foundation of our natural world and supports all living beings.  It is humanity's duty to ensure that this world maintains its diverse nature.  It is therefore necessary for like-minded people to constantly evaluate, monitor, promote and influence the wise use and preservation of the planet and its natural resources, and furthermore, to take all such steps within its capabilities as are necessary to prevent the abuse of our planet Earth.


Please support our legal campaign to
prevent Ibutho Coal's Fuleni mine on
the border of the iMfolozi Wilderness
area in South Africa.
iMfolozi is the home of the rhino, and
this mine will increase the pressure
on this endangered and iconic species
and threaten the health and way of life
of the affected communities.
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Your support is greatly appreciated.

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 Save our iMfolozi Wilderness